Company Policy


The transformation and the evolution of LMV in years took place continuously according to shared principles and always at the base of the corporate culture and business decisions:

  • the enhancement of the capacity of its employees, meaning the development of design talent, ability to interact with key figures of the customers (engineers, designers, suppliers, etc.), teamwork and knowledge sharing at all levels;
  • cutting-edge technology;
  • cooperation with training schools and the comparison with reality top-level company;
  • investments in research and development, that are intended for each year of the turnover;
  • pragmatism and timeliness, streamlined decision-making and continuous monitoring of cost variables as a function of the expected results;
  • the taste of challenge, fed by the awareness that you can do well what you learned and you can always learn how to do it better.
The aim is obviously the constant growth of the company know-how, the fruitful exchange of knowledge and practices between different fields of application, flexibility and growth in accordance with the needs and expectations of its customers.
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