The history of the mechanical workshop LMV


1963 - 2010 from Mechanical Workshop to Problem Solver: a history of forward-looking investments, advanced technology, high-level training and entrepreneurial strength.


It was in 1963 when Amadio Archetti and Martino Cominelli founded Various Machining Works, driven by a passion for mechanics, the skills acquired and the desire to start a solid craft on their own. The first work, mainly drilling and tapping were carried out with traditional manual machines. In 1970 the machine shop expanded, they acquired new equipment, such as lathes, and diversified the jobs.


In 1980 the production of design welding equipment started. In the same years they created an automatic machine for polishing cutlery, lated patented by the customer. The fleet is expanded with CNC lathes and conventional milling machines and in 1983 it opened a new plant.


Since 1998 the company, machine shop and metal carpentry, is entirely in the hands of the Archetti family, with the entry of new generation, Cristiano and Renato, in the shareholding structure. In recent years the expansion of the production area and processing continued, with consolidation in the areas of construction, automotive, industrial vehicles and textile machinery by acquiring prestigious customers.


LMV today focuses on the sector of machining of milling, turning and grinding on numerical control machines of small and medium series and in on the sector of design, prototyping, production of welding equipment and / or assembly, both manual and automatic with particular reference to industrial, transport and earth movement vehicles.


LMV is able to provide details with additional machining milling, drilling and turning, thanks to the consolidated partnerships with qualified suppliers and specialized in:


  • correcting internal-external;
  • Outdoor centerless grinding;
  • laser cutting of metal sheets;
  • Light metalwork
  • heavy carpentry;
  • Welding - shearing;
  • Metal painting
  • cataphoresis of metals;
  • galvanising treatments;
  • surface treatments, thermal treatments;
  • metallic coatings;
  • dents and broaching;
  • rollings;
  • laser markings;
  • metal hardware;
  • milling, drilling, reaming large-scale;
  • special PVC - nylon.

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